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Anti Spam Q: spell therapy backwards

Each year Psychologists across Canada designate February as Psychology Month. To mark the month, many Psychologists have made their time available for public information talks on Mental Health during the month. Dr. Stevens will be collaborating with other Psychologists to provide an educational event on trauma for staff at their local hospital.

Canada's national, provincial, and territorial psychological associations marked the month with the launch of their second national “Mind Your Mental Health (MYMH) Campaign.” This initiative is aimed at highlighting the need to enhance access to psychological services across Canada. “Access to a Psychologist should be a right not a privilege,” said Dr. Kerry Mothersill, President of the Canadian Psychological Association. “The statistics are staggering. One in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem in a given year, yet only one in three reportedly receives care. Canada needs to do a better job at making sure that help is available to those who need it.”

To learn more about the Mind Your Mental Health Campaign and find out how you can participate, go to or visit Twitter page and Facebook page.