The information provided on this site is not meant to be a substitute for treatment. If you are having psychological difficulties you are encouraged to seek professional advice. The following handouts are made available to clients of Dr. Stevens for use in their counselling and psychotherapy. If you are a guest on this site you are welcome to view them and make one copy for yourself. If you are a counsellor and would like to make copies for your clients, you may do so as long as you do not alter or charge a fee for the forms.

Note: These files are in PDF format and will open in a new tab or window.


  • Thought Catching Worksheet

    This is a standard cognitive therapy exercise. It is meant to help you become more aware of thought patterns and beliefs that affect your moods. It also guides you in challenging and changing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. 




  • Mind Traps

    A list of nine common cognitive distortions or mind traps that can affect your moods.




  • Panic Attack Table

    A list of some of the most common panic attack symptoms. They are organized into four useful categories.


  • Assertiveness Rights

    Many people who struggle with assertiveness don't feel they have some of these rights.