Bulletin: We are all trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canadian Psychological Association has created several fact sheets in their "Psychology Works" series related to COVID-19:

Coping with and Preventing COVID-19

Psychological Impacts of the Coronavirus

Working from Home During COVID, With and Without Children

Updates from Dr. Stevens can be found on the "News" and "Blog" pages and by searching for "covid" in the search window.

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Pain Management

Suggested readings about Pain Management. Return to main Reading List page.

Managing Pain Before it Manages You. (2002) by Margaret Caudill. New York: Guilford.

Dr. Caudill begins by quoting the actor Craig Nelson: “Pain may be mandatory, but suffering is optional.” This is a very useful self-help guide for pain management. It explains pain and the mind-body connection, guides you towards a healthy type of acceptance, teaches you to solve pain related problems, and helps you with both psychological and behavioural management strategies. It contains helpful checklists and worksheets.