Once again, Psychologists across Canada are celebrating February as Psychology Month. Sponsored by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the purpose of the event is to highlight for Canadians "how psychology works to help them live healthy and happy lives, help their communities flourish, help their employers create effective workplaces, and help their governments develop good policies."

To mark the month, many Psychologists have made their time available for public information talks on Mental Health during the month. Dr. Stevens will be joining other Psychologists to sponsor an educational event on mindfulness research for staff at their local hospital.

Messages from the Canadian Psychological Association:

  • Psychological treatments are less expensive than, and at least as effective as, medication for a number of common mental health conditions.
  • Psychology researchers help us better understand how we change as we age.
  • Psychology helps us understand what makes for a successful and satisfied workforce.
  • Research shows psychological treatments work better than medication for most types of anxiety.

For more information about how Psychology works, see the Psychology Works Fact Sheets web page. To find out about public events in your area, check out the Canadian Psychological Association's Psychology Month page.